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In tough economic times, many homeowners are looking for affordable ways to bring new life to tired rooms in their homes.  There are many affordable ways to remodel, especially if you are willing to do all or some of the work.  Probably the most affordable makeover for any room of the house is a fresh coat of paint.  But with some creative thinking and a little knowledge of faux painting techniques, you can make a room look totally different. Even more, most people will think you spent far more on your Jacksonville remodel than you will actually need to spend.


Start with a simple fact: there are many ways to apply paint to a surface.  Then let your creativity run wild and you can create a whole new room with just paint and a few basic tools.  Faux painting is the use of a special technique of painting a wall or other surface that looks like wood, marble, stucco or stone when you finish. Just imagine the possibilities this opens before you!


Whether you decide to use stencils to paint a border or a pattern across an entire wall or you use other common items as tools to create special Jacksonville paint effects, you can use paint and imagination to create a mottled effect that looks like aged plaster or stucco, geometric designs, borders, patterns, and much more.


Stencils, geometric designs or patterns and a few simple tools can be used to paint a wall in ways that look like wallpaper or other expensive fabric wall treatments.  Using the right paint and a comb can create stripes or striped blocks. You can paint walls with almost any geometric shape and metallic paints to look like punched tin or copper.


You can create special effects that will look like wood grain or marble, granite or even tissue paper.  You can make a wall look new and modern or aged and crackled.  And you can do it all with such everyday items as a rag or a sponge or a dry brush, a paper bag, or a feather duster.


You can also apply such materials as drywall mud to the wall before you paint or mix sand or other materials into the paint. Something as simple as drywall mud and a sponge can create amazing effects on walls and ceilings.


Getting the knowledge of how to do these special faux painting techniques is easy in most locations. Check with your local adult education center or a home improvement store for classes, or pick up a book on faux painting techniques.  Time, patience and the right paint can turn an ordinary room into a showplace for a minimal investment.


Just match the paint application technique to the effect you want to create to transform any room of the house.  The result will be very attractive, and you are certain to have fun doing the project.


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