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Everyone has had some personal experience with an inspector of some sort. When we get a medical examination the medical professional is giving us an evaluation of our health by checking certain physical aspects of our body, much like an inspector. Their evaluation can be critical in determining our health and future performance. Jacksonville home inspections for home sellers is just as important, and skipping a home inspection can be just as critical. And just like a patient getting a second opinion from another medical professional, rest assured, a prudent home buyer will most likely acquire their own professional inspection before they buy the home, and this is almost certain if they are getting an FHA or VA loan.

There can always be hidden problems the home seller is unaware of, and problems that are costly, even in new homes, much like there are sometimes hidden problems the medical professional can spot even when the patient doesn’t know the problems exist. This is why the home seller should seek the services of a qualified inspector with experience, a certified inspector who takes their job seriously and doesn’t cut corners. A certified inspector will let you know whether the home is in its best physical shape possible, if it needs extra repair and even an estimation of the cost of the repairs.

Of course, no home is perfect and every house will a have few glitches here and there, but early inspections will inform the owner about repairs needed in advance so that the owner can either fix the repairs, or so they can be forthright with the buyer about the issue before any additional inspections are made. A home inspection will not only inform the seller (and buyer) in advance of any issues, but also set a positive precedence and help earn the home seller a trustworthy reputation with the buyer.

The types of things the Jacksonville inspector looks for are defects that affect the value of the home, make it unsafe or less livable. A leaky roof, a damp basement, plumbing or electrical problems and other defects are some of the issues that can be turned up by a good inspector and often missed by the home seller. General inspections typically consist of:

• Heating system

• Central air conditioning system

• Interior plumbing

• Electrical systems

• Roof

• Attic

• Visible insulation, walls, ceilings, and floors

• Windows and doors

• Basement

• Foundation and all other structural components.


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