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Among the many reasons given by homeowners for remodeling a Jacksonville bathroom these are six of the most common.


1.  To make a small bathroom seem larger. There are many ways to make a bathroom seem larger by redecorating and remodeling.  Even if the bath cannot actually be made larger, it can be made to seem larger.  Changes in fixtures and design, as well as some creative space allocation can actually create space within the existing room. Many homeowners undertake this kind of bathroom remodel either for their own needs or before placing their home on the market.


2.  The bathroom needs to be better suited to use by two people. Whether two or more people are sharing a second bathroom or the master bath is inadequate, making a bathroom more functional for two people is a common reason for bathroom remodeling.  Whether the remodel is focused on having two sinks or partitioning off the toilet, making a bathroom work better for two people might be your reason to remodel.


3.  The bathroom needs to be more accessible. The bathrooms in most homes are not designed to meet the additional safety and accessibility needs of the disabled or the elderly.  Whether the reason is to provide accessibility for a member of the family with a disability or to make it safer for the aging, accessibility is a very popular reason for bathroom remodeling.


4.  Adding a few luxuries in the bathroom is another popular reason for bathroom remodeling in Jacksonville. Whether the remodel is designed to add a whirlpool tub or a spa shower, or to add radiant floor heating and fogless mirrors, adding luxuries and special comforts is often the reason for a bathroom remodel.


5.  Creating a home spa is another reason homeowners have cited for a bathroom remodel.  Many homeowners want to de-stress at home instead of going to a spa.  They choose to add whirlpool tubs, steam showers, massaging showers, soaker tubs, heated towel racks and more.


6.  Making a bathroom energy- and water-efficient is also an increasingly popular reason for remodeling. These remodels use environmentally-friendly materials, high-efficiency lighting, water-saving plumbing fixtures, and more.  These changes result in energy savings for many years to come.


Whatever the reason for deciding to remodel a bathroom, the best reason is to respond to the needs of your family.  Whether you are looking at immediate needs or at long-range needs, a bathroom remodel should focus on your family’s comfort and safety.



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